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Who we are

We are a group of young professionals based in Germany, the Netherlands and France (so far). Due to our experiences, we have become disillusioned with the status quo when it comes to the prevention of gender based violence, support for those affected by it and the state of gender equality in general. Our research so far has shown that there's a massive, overwhelmingly untapped potential of decreasing gender based violence by applying state of the art technologies and strategies to the problem. That's we we founded the Society for Innovation in Gender Equality e.V. i.Gr. 

What we do

We want to connect individuals, professionals, policy makers, profit and non-profit organizations who share our vision. We will evaluate existing research findings on gender based violence and its prevention, design innovative strategies and tools and then enable their creation. We don't pretend to know exactly what this work will look like some months or even years from now because the path can only be found in collaboration with a diverse set of people and perspectives. That's why connecting people from all over the world who are already working on the problem or who are interested in participating is the basis of our work. Our approach is data driven, inclusive and trauma informed. 

So... what is a think tank?

A think tank is basically an organization that helps make the world better a better place. As this won't tell you much either, please allow us to refer you to a more comprehensible albeit scientifically strictly unquotable source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Think_tank 

Can I support you by donating money?

First of all we want to thank you for your support! We're incredibly thankful for the support you've shown us! As we've only recently been founded and the COVID-19-crisis hit German authorities quite hard, the process to be recognized as a nonprofit organization has been prolonged for an unforeseeable amount of weeks. Thus, as much as we appreciate your enthusiasm and as helpful as it would be to have funds available, we'll have to wait until further notice from the authorities to be able to accept donations. If you'd like, send us a message with the subject "update me when donations can be accepted" and we will send you an email as soon as we're officially recognized as an NGO!  

How we'll get funded

The Society for Innovation in Gender Equality e.V. i.Gr. will operate as an NGO (as soon as the status has been granted by German authorities). Thus, we will be funded by donations, support membership fees and grants.

How can I become a member? 

As soon as German authorities have completed our recognition process as a non-profit organization, we will enable membership applications on our website (yes, you can become a member digitally - quite innovative, we know ;-) 

If you'd like to receive an update as soon as memberships are possible, just send us an email or message with the subject "update me when membership are possible".

Can I contribute even if I don't want to become a member?

Of course you can! Everybody who would like to contribute can do so in the way and to the extent they like. We do ask everyone to abide by our community guidelines however.

What kind of people we are looking for

Generally, we look both for individuals and organizations who would like to contribute to innovative systems, tools and methods to improve the situation of people who have experienced GBV. When you go to the "collaborate with us" section of our website, you find a current list of people and organizations we'd like to help with. This list is not exclusive though - if you think, your ideas, experiences or expertise could be beneficial, you're welcome to get in touch independently from our list. 

Do I need to live in Berlin to help?

No, you don't. We will not work in rigid 20th century ways. You do however need some free time on your hands, an internet connection and a Slack account.

Do I need to speak English to help?

No, you don't. While it's helpful to understand English to communicate with others via Slack, we so far have people on board who speak German, French and Italian fluently and if necessary, we can work around language barriers. It's 2020, there's a thing called google translate and fantastically helpful people on the internet, too :-) 

Do you need to have a university degree to help us? 

No, you don't. While you can contribute with your professional expertise, we explicitly want to include all kinds of people and perspectives. There's more things to do than just research. We also need people who get together online and brainstorm certain ideas, topics or questions, so you can still make a difference without professional expertise in a relevant field. 

How does collaborating work as an individual?

When you sign up by sending us a message, we'll get in touch to see how you'd like to volunteer. We'll then provide you access to our Slack account, where all discussions are taking place. 

How does collaborating work as a scholar or expert?

Collaborating as a scholar generally works the same as with other individuals. When you sign up by sending us a message, we'll get in touch to see how you'd like to volunteer. We'll then provide you access to our Slack account, where all discussions are taking place. Scholars and experts of different fields can especially help us by joining in 2-3 hour specialized online workshops in which our theoretic frameworks are to be evaluated and validated. For more information, please refer to "collaborate with us".

How does collaborating work as a startup that is working in a field related to GBV?

Startups in this field are the ones we would like to support most as they already try improving the situation in scalable, innovative ways. When you contact us, we'll first figure out what you could need long-term and how we can collaborate. We'll then provide you access to our Slack account, where all discussions are taking place. 

How does collaborating work as an NGO?

Many NGOs have already started to implement innovative approaches to improving the global situation concerning GBV. We would like to create a platform for NGOs to share their best practices and experiences in order to find out how we can best support your ability to implement innovative approaches to your work. Our goal is for the people doing the work to be able to focus on what they're best at. After reaching out to us, we'll discuss your experiences, problems and questions and then provide you access to our Slack account, where all discussions are taking place.

How much time would I have to put in? 

This really is up to you. By providing you access to our Slack account, you can always see updates on questions that need to be researched, people we're looking for and tasks to be done. This means you can spontaneously tell us if you'd like to join a certain task you think is interesting. The only thing we ask for is to communicate if you ever change your mind or don't find the time to complete a task to that someone else can take over. The great thing about Slack is that the crowd can actually brainstorm together. 

Can I sign up and see what exactly you need help with before committing to helping you? 

Absolutely. This is what our Slack channel is for. You can choose the tasks, groups and topics you're interested in. And if there's nothing you'd like to do, maybe you know one of the people who's help we need.

Who will profit from my help? 

We see our task in creating a basis of knowledge, research and tools that can by used by many actors in the field alike, from policy makers to NGOs to individuals. Through these actors, people from all over the world should be positively impacted by increasing gender equality. 


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