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more people have to get involved in the conversation and become part of the solution(s)

Gender-based violence (GBV) is a problem so complex and yet so invisible that governments, NGOs and civil organizations from around the world are struggling to implement digital, scalable, innovative solutions. We know that innovative approaches and systems would be able to make a lasting difference in a globalized and evermore digital world. That's why we want to enable the existing actors to work in innovative ways and support new ones in joining the cause. During the last two years, our research has shown that there are many aspects, insecurities and problems concerning gender based violence that are holding both individuals and organizations back. We have come up with numerous creative ideas on how to drive change effectively. Now, we need to get in touch with others to validate our approaches and do in depth research on possible strategies in order to develop innovative solutions together. 

who and what we're looking for 

When the current systems to decrease GBV and support people affected by it were built, most perspectives - especially those of marginalized women - were not considered enough. Most were designed by planning in advance, without data based decision making and iterative processes. Also, the perspectives of professionals who play a decisive role, such as doctors, psychologists, NGO staff and lawyers were not considered thoroughly enough. 

We believe that the things you personally know, be it from your private or professional life, might also be relevant for others and thus valuable for us. What is important to you? How should gender-based violence be decreased and navigated in 5, 10 or even 20 years? What is a fact you think we should consider when doing our work? Whom should we talk to or what should we read? We look forward to hearing your thoughts and input. 

We want to develop a data based framework for innovation in collaboration with people with diverse perspectives and competencies. Down below you find a list of people, expertise and things we currently look for that we update regularly. By definition, our think tank doesn't have all the answers (yet). This list covers only current things we're looking for and might be more expansive in a week or two. It might thus be practical to check it out from time to time. If you're interested in helping us but you don't find yourself described below, please reach out to us anyway. 

how collaborating with us works 

We work completely digitally meaning that you can collaborate with us independently of where you're located. We mainly use Slack to communicate and have created topic related channels similar to the list below. We also use a cloud based file sharing system and use several video conference tools.

When you get in touch with us, we first have a conversation about how you would like to help and how a collaboration would work. The volunteer work / collaboration itself is thus different with everyone and ranges from a single phone conversation regarding a certain topic to semi regularly answering questions via mail to long term project based work. You don't sign up for anything when getting in touch with us and you are never obliged to do anything you didn't offer yourself. 

In the future, we will host events such as workshops, focus groups and hackathons online and in Berlin. 


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