our mission

Our mission is to decrease gender-based violence on a global level by developing innovative strategies and tools that are provided to individuals, organizations and policy makers. Our mission is in accordance with the UN sustainable development goals nr. 5 and 10: gender equality and reduced inequality. 

what inspired the idea

In recent years, honest conversations about gender-based violence among our friends revealed that victims are faced with several obstacles when trying to get the help they need. When researching the systems that are institutionally provided by governments, NGOs and other actors, they turned out to be insufficient on several measures. Combined with our knowledge of the technological capabilities present in the startup and corporate world, our frustration led to many conversations about improving the system with technology. The Society for Innovation in Gender Equality e.V. i.Gr. therefore is the think tank that will research and design solutions where others don't yet ask the hard questions necessary to be contemplated in the 21st century.

our approach

Our approach is based on collaboration and crowdsourcing. We thus work strictly digitally, enabling cooperation between us and others independently of their location. We commit to approaching our work optimistically and creatively, since a wealth of problems equally means a wealth of opportunities for improvement. Also, there's many people with smart ideas out there - and possibly even a little spare time during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Here you find a comprehensive list of people and organizations we'd currently like to talk to. Even if you don't find anything on there that fits your description, please get in touch regardless - we welcome anyone's input, recommendations and contributions. We know how many problems, unknowns and hinderances one can be confronted with when trying to find help for oneself or a loved one. It has to become just as simple to find help concerning gender-based violence online as it is finding the right car insurance, doctor or dinner. Also, more diverse people and their experiences must be included in the conversation about gender based violence prevention. 

how we plan to realize our mission

You’ve read about our mission and now you’re wondering how we’re going to achieve it? Well – in short, we could summarize the plan into five major topics:

  • Build a network of relevant actors in the fields of gender-based violence, politics and civil society and bring people together to act on the present issues.

  • Analyze and evaluate existing (innovative) concepts and approaches, discuss them with our members and make them known to all relevant actors. 

  • Collaborate with our members and external partners on research regarding the development and implementation of new concepts and tools. Enable actors to carry out their work as effectively as possible by supporting them and allowing them to focus on their core mission.

  • Develop modern technologies, e.g. apps & software and utilize the tools that are so readily available in start-ups to promote gender equality.

  • Regularly publish reports on the state of the matter at hand to keep the public, policy makers and NGOs up to date about the potential of modern technologies.

Using these four topics, we aim to build a reputation as an institution of experts on the topic of gender-based violence. We will then use this status in a top-down approach – advising companies, political institutions and decision-makers on how to amend existing systems, structures and organizations to utilize modern technologies against gender-based violence. Moreover, we’ll promote the introduction of new technologies wherever needed.  


who we are

We are a team of young professionals from the startup world, PR, from business consulting, with degrees in ethnography, politics, medicine, psychology, the liberal arts and more. But most of all we are human and every single one of us knows someone who was affected by sexual violence. We know the old systems don't work as well as they should and we don't want to wait until our generation is in charge until change is implemented. We want to enable governments, policy makers, NGOs and other actors to develop their approaches to decreasing gender based violence by implementing technological solutions.


about the founders

Isabel Städler


Isabel studied art history and originally wanted to become an art consultant. Over the last few years however, she learned more and more about startups and technological developments. Isabel now wants to apply these to the task of decreasing gender based violence. 

You can reach Isabel at


Thomas Henschen

deputy chairman

Thomas has a background in business consulting and is interested in technology and politics - and since he's half French, he massively enjoys discussions over a glass of Merlot.

You can contact Thomas at



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